The 5th Annual Business of Personalized Medicine Summit – December 6, 2018

Special guest, Harry Glorikian, General Partner, New Ventures Funds, and author of the top-selling book, MoneyBall Medicine: Thriving in the New Data- Driven Healthcare Market, will be giving the afternoon keynote.

The talk will focus on precision medicine that is personalized to the characteristics of each patient and growing use of AI for drug discovery, clinical trial design and to help diagnose condition and recommend treatment options. Advances in genetics, and the growing availability of health data, present an opportunity to make precise personalized patient care a clinical reality. AI based predictive modeling of biological processes and drugs becomes significantly more sophisticated and widespread. AI will identify patients to enroll in clinical trials based on factors such as genetic information to target specific populations, thereby enabling trials that are smaller, shorter, less expensive, and more powerful. Trials are monitored in real time to rapidly identify safety or operational issues requiring action, resulting in cost savings.