The Future You: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Get Healthier, Stress Less, and Live Longer

Need to lose a few pounds but struggle to maintain a healthy diet? Toss and turn at night with insomnia? Want a new exercise routine that will give you maximum results? Wonder about your risk of developing cancer or diabetes? Want to understand how to work with your doctor to tailor your care based on your own genetic makeup? Do you want to learn how you can shape the best and healthiest version of yourself and how artificial intelligence (AI) can be a powerful tool on that journey?
The Future You explores how AI is disrupting healthcare and what you need to know to navigate the new medical paradigm and improve your health in monumental ways—starting today. You’ll learn how doctors are treating once-incurable diseases by rewriting our DNA, and how AI is helping them diagnose different cancers more precisely. You’ll see how people like you have used smartphone and smartwatch technology to reach your health and fitness goals, and sometimes to survive a health emergency. You’ll understand how scientists around the world used AI to develop COVIDvaccines at record speed and repurpose existing drugs to fight the virus—and how AI will help us identify future outbreaks more rapidly.
There’s quite literally nothing about health and wellness that won’t be utterly transformed by the power of AI. The Future You will show you what’s coming—and what is already here.

What People Say

“The Future You is a concise and relatable synthesis of the bleeding edge of biomedical research. If you feel excitement and wonder from reading the latest news headlines of sci-fi-like breakthroughs in artificial intelligences and biomedicine, yet find yourself wondering, ‘What does this mean for me?’, then you will find no better guide than The Future You. In the spirit of the enduring William Gibson quote, ‘The future is here—it’s just not evenly distributed,’ The Future Youastonishes readers with stories from the frontlines of biomedical innovation happening today while providing relatable and actionable information on how you can take action in your own daily life to anticipate and participate in the coming biomedical revolution.” 

Joel Dudley

PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Tempus Labs, Inc.

“AI and technology are disrupting healthcare at an unprecedented rate, reshaping how we treat and address disease. Author Harry Glorikian is able to distill complex biomedical science from the experts into thoughtful explanations and insights on how readers can benefit from these advancements in their own health and wellness journeys. The Future You examines what is possible from leading healthcare researchers and practitioners as they work to discover better ways to treat patients and improve lives.” 

Andrew Radin

CEO, Aria Pharmaceuticals

The Future You provides a glimpse into the fascinating and unique dimensions of medical and biomedical research in healthcare. As with Stephen Hawkings and his predicted breakthroughs in astrophysics, AI will continue to reveal deeper insights into the way the body works and the new strategies we need to adopt to lead healthy lives. Since becoming a doctor in biomedical sciences and a clinician, I’ve discovered that there is more that we don’t know than answers to what we do know. Every human and other living thing on this beautiful planet shares this trait. As a patient with a rare disease who battles multiple sclerosis-like and Parkinson’s-like symptoms, my life so far confirms my observation that we need to understand the making of us.

In light of the advances in genomics, artificial intelligence, and microbiome research discussed in The Future You, I am more optimistic that the future will bring a lot of hope to patients such as myself. With a focus on that future, this book will serve as an invaluable primer for patients, physicians, healthcare innovators, investors, and the general public. A deep insight into healthcare innovation provided in The Future You is the ultimate blessing any reader will reach based on Hippocrates’ declaration: “Health is the greatest blessing in life.”

It is time to know you as a supreme being, so that you can become the most incredible version of yourself possible.”

Dr. Kamala Maddali

President, Health Collaborations, a Rare Disease Patient and Healthcare Changemaker

In the future we’ll see a shift from short-term sick care to prioritizing preventive long-term healthcare. Integrating AI, data, and technology into the industry is the only way to get there. Harry Glorikian’s analysis of the smart medicine movement in The Future You is the blueprint to how we can live better, healthier lives.

Harpreet Singh Rai

CEO, Oura

“It’s inevitable that the practice of medicine is on the verge of a quantified and intelligent revolution. Just as in other industries before it, healthcare and medicine will be more personalized and hopefully proactive. In some cases, medical care will be a completely digital experience. The Future You brings this vision to life and details the tangible progress being made in traditional medicines, medical devices, healthcare companies, inventive startups, and technology giants. It’s a must-read not just for fans of the “digital health” industry, but for all individuals interested in a future where medicine is made and delivered uniquely “for me and powered uniquely by me and my data.

Christine Lemke

Co-CEO and Co-founder, Evidation