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Stories of inspiring joy Podcast: Harry shares the inspiration behind his latest booK


Episode Description

Harry Glorikian is a global business expert, healthcare entrepreneur, podcaster and author of The Future You: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Get Healthier, Stress Less, and Live Longer (Brick Tower Press, Oct. 2021). For over three decades, Glorikian has built a breadth of successful ventures in the healthcare space, and he is well known for being at the forefront of helping invest in and grow innovative healthcare companies that are tackling ground-breaking areas of healthcare and biotechnology. A sought-after speaker, Glorikian is frequently quoted in the media and regularly asked to assess, influence, and be part of innovative concepts and trends. He also holds four US patents in telecommunications and has others pending.

In today’s episode Harry shares the inspiration behind his latest book, what drives his work, and his desire to help others understand how to make a big difference in their lives. As Harry shares, by looking at the data you can begin to make small adjustments in your life that will make significant difference in your health and wellness on a daily basis, and potentially push off or avoid any major issues in the future. It’s Harry’s hope that his story and reflections will inspire you to follow your passions, achieve the goals you want to achieve, and optimize your health.

To connect with Harry and learn more visit his website for more information.

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