Harry’s guest is Dekel Gelbman, founding CEO of FDNA. The company uses a combination of computer vision, deep learning, and other artificial intelligence techniques to improve and accelerate diagnostics and therapeutics for children with rare diseases.

How to rate MoneyBall Medicine on iTunes with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  1. Launch the “Podcasts” app on your device. It’s the app with this icon: NOTE: If you can’t find this app, swipe all the way left on your home screen until you’re at that weird Search/News page thing. Tap the search field at the top and type in “Podcasts.” Apple’s Podcasts app should show up in the search results below.
  2. Tap the Podcasts app icon, and after it opens, tap the Search field at the top, or the little magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner.
  3. Type MoneyBall Medicine into the search field and press the Search button.
  4. In the search results, click on the image of the MoneyBall Medicine.
  5. On the next page under the image of MoneyBall Medicine, there are three tabs. The current tab “Details” will be highlighted.
  6. Tap on the next tab over, which is called Reviews.
  7. Tap the purple “Write a Review” link: NOTE: You may need to log into iTunes at this point. If so, enter your iTunes password.
  8. On the next screen, tap on the stars to the right. This is how you give the show a rating
  9. Next, press the Send button in the upper right corner of the screen. NOTE: You can also write a review about the show you’re rating in this screen. Tap into the areas labeled “Title” and “Review” to do this.
  10. You’re finally done!