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Discover Tomorrow's Leaders with The Harry Glorikian Show: A Nexus of Data, Biology, and Success πŸŽ™οΈ

When I started the show over 5 years ago, I thought – who are the up-and-coming companies and people I want to have on the show? I was not just exploring the fascinating intersection of data and biology – I’ve been on a mission to uncover the next big names in the industry.

After 5 years I recently asked myself – How well did we do? I was curious about the numbers. So, I ask a seasoned analyst who worked with me at one of my previous companies to conduct an objective in-depth analysis to trace the journey of my guests pre and post their podcast appearance. I must thank her quite a bit for digging into multiple data sources to find funding events, M&A events and more (not a one button exercise)Β πŸš€

The data validated what I had been a feeling (and hoping!) – see chart below

This analysis shows 75% of companies who appeared on the show experiencing a positive event following their podcast appearance.Β πŸ“ˆβ€Positive Outcomes” include funding events, mergers and acquisitions, collaborations & partnerships, or a combination of these events.

Tomorrow's leaders on the Harry Glorikian Show

I have not just tried to create a series of interviews; I have been trying to spotlight innovative and emerging companies poised to lead the field. As a listener of the show, you’re not just gaining insights into data and biology – you’re getting a preview of the companies and innovators shaping our future.

For example: we had the pleasure of talking to companies like Flatiron Health (2018), Recursion Pharmaceuticals (2018), Deep 6 AI (2018), ŌURA (2020), Unlearn.AI AI (2020), Evidation Health (2021), Tempus AI (2021), Eight Sleep (2021), WHOOP (2022) and so many more.

Tune into The Harry Glorikian Show on any of your favorite podcast players and join us in this journey of discovery and inspiration. Who knows? The next episode might introduce you to the industry’s future leader.

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