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The Future You by Harry Glorikian: A great look at AI in healthcare

Brett from Cardio, Cameras, and Coffee wrote a great review about my book – The Future You. Here’s the full piece:

There’s no escaping that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is creeping into every aspect of our lives. Whether we like it or not, AI will play a huge role in healthcare. The Future You gives us a glimpse of what’s to come in this field.

Note: We were sent a copy of The Future You to review and keep; however, we have not been told what to say. All thoughts and views on this product are our own.

Over the last few years, the way we look after ourselves and how our doctors treat us has changed dramatically. Doctors and health professionals have never had access to as much data as they do now. Harry Glorikian, in his new book, The Future You: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Get Healthier, Stress Less, and Live Longer, takes a deep dive into the fascinating world of AI and how it is trying to improve healthcare.

Before reading The Future You by Harry Glorikian, I had a decent understanding of AI and how it is being used to help improve healthcare. I, like many others, have a smartphone that can track how much I move. I have a smartwatch (Apple Watch 8) that tracks my heart rate, sinus rhythm, and sleep quality. My watch also tracks my body temperature, stress levels, and what exercise I might — or might not — be doing. Just owning these devices has opened my eyes to the world of AI and health.

The power of data

Apple Watch 8

AI then compiles my data and shows me trends that can help me make informed decisions about my health. This data can then be transmitted to my doctor to be analyzed. It’s really quite fascinating.

The power of this data is immense, yet it is but a small drop in the ocean that is AI. We see AI work on this macro level in our daily lives. However, artificial intelligence is used for so much more in the medical world. In fact, the size of the net artificial intelligence casts is staggering, and this is what The Future You covers.

The Future You

The Future You and cup of tea

My small blurb at the beginning of this review dumbed down AI and what it can do. Of course, we all know that healthcare and artificial intelligence are incredibly complex. However, Harry Glorikian has taken a mainstream approach to discuss both subjects. This approach makes The Future You very approachable.

Anyone from any walk of life can pick up The Future You and not feel overwhelmed. Complex ideas are easy to digest. Chapters that cover CRISPR and AI and drug discovery are just as easy to read and digest as chapters that cover how doctors are in your device via apps and connected devices (like the Withings BPM Connect that I reviewed), how your own data can make you healthier, and how to live your best life with AI.

The future is now

Withings BPM Connect and iPhone 14 Pro Max

Harry Glorikian is an expert in the field of artificial intelligence. While he has been pushing for adopting such technologies for years, he’s not so enamored by it to think that it won’t cause problems.

The Future You also covers concerns, hurdles, and dangers of AI-assisted medicine. After all, the data that gets fed into AI is done so by humans. So, if you put crap in, you get crap out. This has already been witnessed during several trials with AI-assisted treatments. So, I am pleased to see this covered in the book too. It’s an honest and refreshing approach to a subject that is often glorified.

The Future You, Harry Glorikian, Cover

Overall, The Future You is an easy-to-read book stuffed with fascinating information. Throughout the 272 pages, you’ll learn about ways AI is already helping you. You’ll hear about ways that AI will help you in the future. You’ll read about how AI is helping create new medicines in record-breaking times. How AI-powered gene manipulation could help eradicate diseases. The book even suggests several apps you can download to see how powerful AI in medicine and healthcare can be right now. The Future You is a truly fascinating read.

If you are interested in tracking your own health and how monitoring your own data can impact your life, I highly recommend picking up The Future You. This book will open your eyes to the broader scheme of artificial intelligence and health. We have a lot to look forward to — and keep a close eye on — and Harry Glorikian has summed up everything AI and health nicely. The book is available for the Amazon Kindle for $9.95, a hardback book for $27.79, and a paperback book for $15.90.