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Harry discusses his latest book The future You, and the importance of wearables and AI

Welcome to Talking Precision Medicine — the podcast in which we discuss the future of healthcare and health technology, and how advances in data and data science are fueling the next industrial revolution.

In this episode 26, our host Rafael sits down with Harry Glorikian [pronounced Glor – ĭ – kian]. Harry is an investor, author, podcaster and veteran of the healthtech industry. Harry walks us through his latest book, The Future You, and expounds on the ways that wearable devices, personal health data and artificial intelligence are changing healthcare as we know it.

Harry, on his book The Future You:
The Future You explores how AI is disrupting healthcare and what you need to know to navigate the new medical paradigm and improve your health in monumental ways—starting today. It covers topics like how doctors are treating once-incurable diseases by rewriting our DNA, and how AI is helping them diagnose different cancers more precisely, how people like you have used smartphone and smartwatch technology to reach their health and fitness goals, and sometimes to survive a health emergency. It explains how scientists around the world used AI to develop COVID vaccines at record speed and repurpose existing drugs to fight the virus—and how AI will help us identify future outbreaks more rapidly. There’s quite literally nothing about health and wellness that won’t be utterly transformed by the power of AI. The Future You will show you what’s coming—and what is already here.

The importance of wearables in the future
It would be foolish for people in the future not to have some sort of an early warning system that they wear to identify trends. With regular monitoring you can show your doctor 6 months of longitudinal data and because the human brain is very good at detecting the patterns the doctor can immediately pick out the bad spot just by looking at the graphs. With just one data point that’s impossible. It’s the same with clinical trials – we need a longitudinal view and enough data points to then make a decision and wearable devices are moving us in that direction. These technologies give people the insights on how to manage their health and wellness better. However, the companies still need to figure out how to nudge someone to have them respond appropriately.

Taking charge of your health future with wearables and AI with Harry Glorikian | Podcast #26

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