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Harry Glorikian on OTC Self Tests, for 360Dx

I have recently been quoted by 360Dx. Here’s a bit of what you can expect from the read.

Harry Glorikian, general partner at Scientia Ventures, said whether a home-based test succeeds depends on a complicated mix of factors including the indication, the patient, the ability to act on the results, the equipment requirements, where the test will be performed, the size of the market to produce a viable at-home test, and how often the tests will be performed. Whether people can pick up the tests at a nealty pharmacy, rather than ordering them for delivery, will also make a difference for companies in this space.

“If the market is growing, there’s going to be incumbents out there with new tests that would probably grow because they’ve got the infrastructure to produce them,” he said.

Before those tests even hit the market, the FDA will also consider what information those tests convey and whether a physician needs to interpret them. Patients with diabetes need blood glucose tests to help them manage their health, but Glorikian thinks regulators will have questions about how patients could use tests to potentially diagnose something significantly more complex, such as cancer.

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