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Diving with Data – Episode 11: MoneyBall Medicine: What it Means and How it’s Changing Healthcare as We Know It, with Harry Glorikian

Asha Saxena explores trends and VC investments in healthcare with Harry Glorikian, who wears many hats including investor, entrepreneur, board member of many healthcare ventures, and author of MoneyBall Medicine: Thriving in the New Data-Driven Healthcare Market.

In this episode you will learn about the many ways data is driving healthcare technology and the money that funds it as well as how data impacts how medicine is practiced today.

Technology has certainly changed medicine, but data is changing the way medicine is being practiced by large and small healthcare providers throughout the country. This episode explores those changes.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How data is transforming the way medicine is practiced today
  • The various tools and data driven technologies that are available today to improve the patient care experience
  • Why you can’t compare prices and services in modern healthcare and why this makes it unlike any other industry
  • How common gadgets like a fitness band or Apple watch indicating an off-kilter heartbeat can be instrumental in saving lives and assisting with early detection of potentially serious health problems
  • The staggering number of ways data analytics is being used in healthcare today to measure everything from the quality of care patients receive to the performance of equipment, equipment utilization, and even things like radiation exposure
  • The various ways the massive collection of information effects changes in the way healthcare facilities and service providers operate
  • How big data is changing the way drug trials are being conducted
  • The ways technology is providing greater transparency in the field of medicine when it comes to trials, treatments, and even patient disclosures
  • Various fields budding entrepreneurs with an interest in technology and data might pursue for potential profits
  • What entrepreneurs need to make their marks in big data when it comes to healthcare