MoneyBall Medicine Podcast – AI Applications Summit Special Series (6 Episodes)

Welcome to this special series of the Moneyball Medicine Podcast focused on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics applied to Drug Discovery and Development. This special series was recorded as part of the AI Applications Summit produced by Corey Lane Partners this October (2018) in Boston, MA. In this series I have interviewed different speakers from the event and we will hear their experiences. We will dive into the challenges and opportunities they’re facing, and their predictions for the years to come.

Episode Summary: From Validation to Pharma Pipeline–How AI is Finding the Patterns in Data

Part 1 of a 6-part special series. Harry interviews Andrew A. Radin, co-founder and CEO of twoXAR, an Artificial Intelligence driven drug discovery startup that unifies disparate data to identify potential disease treatments.

Episode Summary: Big Pharma is Paying Attention, But Can They Adapt to the AI-Driven Landscape?

Part 2 of a special 6-part series. In this episode Harry talks with Milind Kamkolkar, chief data officer at Sanofi, about how big pharma can start using new data sources to uncover new insights about disease.

Episode Summary: Is AI Ready to Solve Healthcare’s Real-World Evidence Problem?

Part 3 of a 6-part special series. Harry’s guest is Dr. Shrujal Baxi, medical director of Flatiron Health. On the agenda: how technology can help create the real-world evidence needed to achieve better patient outcomes and accelerate research into new areas.

Episode Summary: To Reimagine Drug Discovery & Development, Let the Data Drive the Process

Part 4 of a special 6-part series. Harry asks Dr. Ron Alfa, vice president of discovery and product at Recursion Pharmaceuticals, what efficiencies could be achieved and what problems could be solved if data science were applied to drug discovery.

Episode Summary: Can AI Prevent Failure in Drug Discovery Pipelines?

Part 5 of a special 6-part series. Harry’s guest is Guido Lanza, president and CEO of Numerate. They tackle the question: What if the introduction of Artificial Intelligence into drug discovery allowed us to create a true learning loop?

Episode Summary: Every Patient in a Clinical Trial: How AI Can Solve One of Healthcare’s Biggest (and Most Expensive) Problems

Part 6 of a 6-part special series. Harry speaks with Wout Brusselaers, CEO and founder of Deep6.AI, about new technology that could help find patients for clinical trials in minutes rather than months.