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Leveraging RWE and Advanced Analytics

The Need for a Modernized Drug Development Model in a Pandemic

Leveraging RWE and Advanced Analytics: The need for a modernised drug development model is not a pandemic.

Host Ryan Treasure and guest Harry Glorikian provide information about health technology and data during the US pandemic.

Harry serves as an influential global business expert and has more than three decades of experience in building successful ventures throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and all around the world. His current position is the General Partner at New Ventures Funds. Before taking his position at New Ventures Funds he was an Entrepreneur-In-Residence to GE Ventures. Some of his successes include co-founding and holding the position as Managing Director and head of consulting services at Scientia Advisors. Mr. Glorikian earned his MBA from Boston University and his bachelor’s in Biology from San Francisco State University.

This interactive discussion featured Harry Glorikian, Chair of AI in Biopharma Summit and author of MoneyBall Medicine joined by Ülo Palm, Thomas Bock, and Lixia Wang, who were open to discussion and debate about topics including:

• The definition of RWE
• Examples of companies that are effectively working with biopharma to ensure that RWD is thoughtfully collected and analyzed to turn it into a powerful tool
• The ability of RWE to predict future pandemics
• Challenges to adoption
• Privacy concerns
• The potential over-reliance on p-values
• RCT’s (random clinical trials) limitations on drug efficacy in big populations
• Working with regulators

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