Learning from failure: What Theranos, Interleukin Genetics, & Courtagen can teach us about IVDs

In the aftermath of the Theranos downfall, dozens of pundits have performed virtual autopsies of where CEO Elizabeth Holmes went wrong, generally highlighting a lack of full disclosure about the technology its labs were using. In the beginning of July, Interleukin Genetics announced that it was laying off more than half of its staff amid a decision to halt sales of its genetic test for periodontal disease risk. Just a few weeks later, Courtagen Life Sciences announced it would no longer offer its next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based tests for neurological disorders due to difficulties with reimbursement and the regulatory environment.

The rest of this my piece is published here: http://medcitynews.com/2017/08/what-theranos-interleukin-genetics-courtagen-can-teach-us-about-ivds/

Sorry for the redirection, but since it is being published I want to make sure I point everyone in the right direction. If you do like the piece, please let me know here and I can write more on this topic or similar topics.