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How Artificial Intelligence Is Enhancing Human Health – Review by Recommendedbydee

“The Future You” by Harry Glorikian — Gotta Love It!

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The connection between artificial intelligence and ways to improve human health is the fascinating topic discussed by Harry Glorikian in “The Future You: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Get Healthier, Stress Less, and Live Longer.” (

Glorikian manages to make the subject matter interesting and understandable rather than dry and scientific. Not only does he point out the advances that AI (Artificial Intelligence) has already made in the past few decades, but also the exciting developments that are likely to occur in the coming years. AI can not only help diagnose diseases even before symptoms are obvious, they can help decrease or eliminate stress, improve sleep patterns, develop dietary programs that accelerate weight loss, or continue to discover new cures and treatments for conditions which previously had no solution. “The Future You” will be an invaluable book for anyone interested in utilizing the latest technology available to improve their health, increase the quality of life and their longevity!