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MoneyBall Medicine Can Help Us Adapt To Changes Shaping Healthcare Today

Boston, MA- Among other things the coronavirus outbreak has shown us that getting the right data quickly and knowing how to use it are crucial to containing the pandemic. With a globally data- driven healthcare system we would have accurate information at our fingertips to help us readily identify new threats, activate a rapid response and develop critical testing equipment and vaccines to keep it from spreading its all about saving lives and with this essential information, possibilities are endless. In Moneyball Medicine: Thriving in the New Driven Data Healthcare Market (along with Malorye Allison Branca) show through examples what a new driven healthcare system could look like when implemented on a global basis. The authors reveal where data and cutting edge analytics are already advancing healthcare and creating new and evolving business opportunities.

The book includes interview with dozens of healthcare leaders, and describes the business challenge and opportunities arising for those working in one of the most vibrant sectors of the worlds economy. The authors map out many of the changes taking place and describe how they are impacting everyone from patients to researchers to insurers, and outline some predictions from the healthcare industry in the years to come.

Moneyball Medicine makes a compelling case for embracing technology and the use of data to revolutionize the healthcare system for the greater good of patience and healthcare professionals alike.

Author Harry Glorikian also hosts the Moneyball Medicine Podcast, a series all about data driven transformation of the healthcare and life sciences landscape. an influential global business expert with more than three decades of experiencing in building successful in the United States and around the world, Glorikian is well known for his achievements in the life sciences, healthcare diagnostics and healthcare IT Industries.

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