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tedxboston: AGI, March 6 Harry Glorikian AI as a Catalyst for Smarter and Faster Scientific Discoveries

So happy that my Tedx talk is now up on YouTube discussing how we can accelerate discoveries and make more targeted investments.

How do I digest diverse science and see the evolution of ideas and where to focus my efforts as a venture investor? A discussion of how we developed a platform to help digest and understand the evolution of ideas.

Word count and Word association or even predicting the next word is not enough. But to build & deploy an idea-prediction model that reads articles (MEDLINE, PLOS, NIH Grant, NHS Grants, Patents, etc), identifies hidden relationships from the text, and forecasts the future of scientific ideas and their relationships. Being able to consume and process and understand over 40m publications with 1m new publications yearly – the human brain was not designed to do that.

Special Thanks to John Werner for inviting me to speak. And Davey B who was a phenomenal supporter.