AI Applications in Biopharma Summit 2018: Where You Are Headed, You Can’t Go It Alone – October 25, 2018
Harry Glorikian, General Partner, New Ventures Funds, and author of the top-selling book, MoneyBall Medicine: Thriving in the New Data- Driven Healthcare Market, will kicking off the day setting the stage for the discussions that will take place over the course of the Summit and identify the key questions that need to be asked and answered. What organizational structures will produce the best results? Should you partner or make acquisitions? How do you best structure post-acquisition assets? How do you make the cultural shift to change workflows around the technology to get real benefit for the AI tools, instead of trying to fit technology into existing workflows? And most importantly, how do you identify the problems the technology is best suited to solve? Wherever you are on the road to AI adoption, you can’t go it alone so join the conversation and help drive the movement forward.