COVID-19 – Preparing for Post-Pandemic Transformation in Health Care and Life Sciences – Foley & Lardner LLP

Please follow this link to a recording of the session: Post- Pandemic Transformation of Health Care and Life Sciences

Scope of the Program
  • How we see the health care and life sciences industries, as well as our lifestyle, adapting once the COVID-19 pandemic is over
  • Resulting areas in which we believe we will see an acceleration in technology development to accommodate the anticipated industry and lifestyle changes
  • Potential business opportunities that will emerge from the lifestyle trend
  • Related obstacles/barriers to overcome before full accommodation
We discuss the Post-Pandemic Industry Adaptations – Including, but not limited to:
  1. Increased patient interest in and reliance on telemedicine as well as other telehealth technologies and services
  2. Increased point-of-care and home DIY diagnostic services
  3. Accelerated development of new medical treatments and technologies as well as expanded access to care
  4. Greater emphasis on R&D for targeted therapies and the delivery of personalized healthcare