artificial intelligence and your health with ViBraNt LiVES PoDCAST

When you hear artificial intelligence (AI) and big data it may be robots, smart homes and self-driving cars that you think of, not necessarily your health. AI and data have a powerful role to play in our health with potential applications that will change the face of health care. This week’s guest, Harry Glorikian, AI expert, healthcare entrepreneur and author enlightens us about the fascinating technological innovations taking place in the health care space.

Harry is the author of, The Future You: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Get Healthier, Stress Less and Live Longer. Most of us what those things and according to Harry, judicious use of AI can help us achieve them.

We talk about the ability of AI to analyse and synthesise enormous amounts of data and the implications of this. Applications most of us are already aware of and using are things like smart watches, activity trackers and devices that measure sleep metrics. Going forward we will be able to have personalised nutrition advice based on our genome and decentralised health care where we can use a portable X-ray at home and be advised whether we need to attend the ER department or not. AI opens the door to significant improvements in cancer treatments where the genomic sequence of a cancer tumour can be used to determine the best treatment protocol rather than relying on trial and error.

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